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Japanese Woodworking Tool Set -8 Pcs -Red Oak


This woodworking tool set includes chisels, planes, saws, and other easy-to-use tools.
The handles and planing bases are made of hard and durable Japanese red oak, hand finished by craftsmen to fit comfortably in the hand.
The tool box is made of light and strong paulownia wood.

  • Pull Saw (Universal Cut 270mm) 
  • Pull Saw Blade (Hardwood 210mm)
  • Chisel (25 mm) 
  • Chisel (12 mm) 
  • Hand Plane
  • Hammer 
  • Hand Drill Auger
  • Woodworking Square

Overall Length (mm):490

Blade Width(mm):Universal Cut Saw 270 , For Hardwood Saw 210

Weight (g):4000

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