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Japanese Hand Planes (Kanna)

What Is a Japanese Hand Plane?

Japanese hand planes or Kanna (鉋) create a smooth finish on wooden surfaces with a pulling force. Thus, they are also commonly called "pull planes."

Japanese hand planes require less power to smooth uneven surfaces and correct the warping of the wood. In addition, Kakuri uses high-quality carbon steel for the plane's blade to ensure a much sharper and smoother finish and a more enjoyable woodworking experience.

Our hand planes also come in different lengths and sizes for various applications. Check out our other plane variations, such as our flat planes, specialty planes, and mini craft planes....

Although Japanese hand planes are often thought of as specialized tools for craftsmen, they can also be used by any woodworking hobbyist.

Useful tips for Using Japanese Planes

How to use Japanese planes
How to Adjust the Blade of Your Japanese Hand Plane
How to Sharpen the Blade of Your Japanese Hand Plane

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Guide to Choosing a Japanese Hand Plane

Professional Precision at an Affordable Price

The perfect balance between price and quality, our beautiful, well-crafted Japanese hand planes are an excellent choice for all levels of woodworkers who are looking for a reliable everyday plane. The Japanese white oak body, or dai, is satisfying to hold, while the high-carbon steel blade, or kanna, provides a professional finish on both soft and hard woods.Kakuri hand planes are more affordable than their Western counterparts while still providing the same amount of precision. They are also easier to adjust by gently tapping the plane body with a small hammer.

Setting Up Your Japanese Hand Plane

Taking the time to set up your hand plane (typically under one hour) will provide you with a satisfying tool for years to come. We suggest reviewing one of the many excellent online resources in English to help you prepare your Japanese hand plane for its first cut.

Experience a Tradition of Excellence

Kakuri tools are manufactured by master craftsmen using high-grade materials. We continue to plan, develop, and carry out product tests in our factory. This enables us to quickly incorporate innovative new ideas from our craftsmen, further ensuring our commitment to producing only the highest quality products.