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About Us

Creating a Rich Life Through Tools

Kakuri was founded in 1946 in Sanjo, a historic hand tool production area in Japan. Since that time, our unwavering focus has been to carefully design, create, and share useful tools with the world; the result of a constant belief that tools are the foundation of manufacturing, and through manufacturing, everyone’s lives can be enriched.

Our mission of “proposing a prosperous life through the perspective of people and skills, people and tools, people and people, and our tools” has neither changed nor will it. However, the products and services we offer continue to evolve little by little due to the changing needs of the times, lifestyles, and values.

Because of the importance we place on the harmony between people, skills, and tools, we work to respond quickly to the needs of our customers and social changes. Together with our trusted manufacturing network that is able to quickly adapt to new ideas, we are able to maintain this creative harmony with existing customers and develop tools for new markets.

With each new generation of Kakuri, we instill the foundation of manufacturing that has remained unchanged since our founding and develop attractive products that enrich the lives of our customers through the accumulated expertise of our past and the endless growth and experimentation of our employees. We will continue to make efforts as a company to maintain the trust of all those involved with Kakuri, as well as earn the trust of all who use, learn, and create with Kakuri tools.